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In-house printing will save you money

Date: 24th April 2017     Category: Blog

Here at Business Technology Specialists, we understand that high-quality plans and documents, as well as strong marketing collateral are a vital business commodity. However, the cost to produce a varied range of professionally produced documents is often at a great sum. So how do you stay competitive in today’s market without spending the earth? The solution is simple: in-house printing!

Reduced Cost

The most obvious benefit in-house printing offers is reduced cost. It makes sound business sense that printing in-house will save on the margin that you would be paying to a printing company if you are outsourcing. Of course, an initial investment is required to purchase the equipment, but from our experience the return on investment made on a large format printer is rapid.


Another obvious benefit of in-house printing is the incredible convenience it offers, with time spent travelling to a printer in town nullified. With less time spent out of the office, as well as waiting times cut, the benefits are endless.

Reduced Waste

The concept of on demand print is far more efficient. Companies invariably print more than they need when they outsource jobs, usually to get the most cost-effective deal available. The excess, typically 20% of the total print job, is often wasted. Printing in-house allows for smaller print volumes, where alterations can be made more frequently.


The flexibility allowed by in-house printing offers a freedom to print alternate versions of a document for clients based on various concepts they may have. When last minute changes need to be made, no longer do you need to make a mad dash to the local printer. Everything you need to resolve the issue and keep moving forward is available at your fingertips.

Backed by the technology of global giant Canon, Business Technology Specialists offer a range of large format printers at affordable prices for Geelong, Bellerine and Surf Coast Businesses. To find out more about our range, please contact our office on 03 5229 6666 or CLICK HERE.
Author: Stan Corner