Business Technology Specialists
 Business Technology Specialists

Documents filed in cabinets, or other forms of physical storage, take up lots of space. It’s expensive, time consuming and cumbersome to find information fast.

 Business Technology Specialists

Paper is not easily shared. It’s slow and expensive to distribute, especially outside the office. In addition, hard copy documents are copied numerous times leading to even higher costs.

 Business Technology Specialists

Securing paper is much harder than a digital document. You have no control over who has access and whether it's been distributed outside your organisation.

Converting your paper files to digital is easier than you think

Scanning business documents and securing them in a digital storage system, whether it is a formal document management system, in the Cloud, or simply within your Windows folder structure, is easier and more cost effective than you may think. It also brings multiple benefits including:

  • Reduced physical storage space
  • Faster information retrieval
  • Increased security with real time accessibility
  • Improved customer service              

We’ve built an easy-to-follow video that shows you how easy the process can be.

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