Our Environment

Thinking globally, acting locally

At BTS, we developed an internal program aimed at not only improving efficiency, but also reducing waste and supporting local initiatives.

Our program covers a variety of areas:


Paper and cardboard

We worked with a local social enterprise, St Laurence, to handle all our paper and cardboard recycling to reduce what would otherwise go to landfill. The program is now run by a contracted organisation and it’s been crucial to helping us tackle this area.


nullWhile people may not know Polystyrene is actually recyclable! We work with a local organisation, GDP Industries, who won a government grant to purchase a machine to shred polystyrene. This shredded product is then used to manufacture lightweight pavers to be used in construction projects. The end product is lighter and cheaper than many other alternatives. Most importantly, it takes polystyrene out of landfill and sees it reused in a sustainable way. GDP is a great partner in that they’re a not for profit whose main aim is to improve the lives of people with a disability by offering employment opportunities. We think this is fantastic and something we wholeheartedly support.


Toner bottles/spare parts/packaging

This forms a big part of our recycling effort and as such is a core area of focus in our program. It's not just our waste that we take care of but our customers too. A huge percentage of the waste we collect comes from a customer’s site. This can be in the form of used spare parts, waste toner bottles, packaging, and used toner bottles. 
We utilise the Close the Loop/Planet Ark recycling initiative to recycle all out customer used toner/waste toner bottles. It’s a great program and a highly successful one too. 

With spare parts, we know that when we service a machine, it’s likely that there will be some part changes. Rather than simply dumping those parts and the associated replacement part packaging in a clients’ rubbish bin, we return this material to our depot. It then goes through our internal recycling programs. The best part is that by recycling all of this we’re ensuring that our customers’ waste is also kept out of landfill.

Metal, plastic and timber

For any metal waste, we ensure that this is reused and recycled through a local partner, Sims Metals. With plastic, we manage this waste in a few different ways. For hard and soft plastic, we work with GDP again to recycle this. We have a unique challenge around timber pallets: Our print devices are delivered on two different types. One type is a composite product, which makes it hard to recycle, so we work with another local business that re-uses these pallets in their operations. The other type is timber based and we provide it free as firewood to be used locally.


Solar Power

Like most businesses, our operation can be power-intensive so our Newtown facility has been fitted with a solar array system that generates up to 70% of our power requirements.